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  • Headphones NOT Required
  • Listen w/ Eyes Closed/Open
  • Can Play on Repeat
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Your Purchase Includes:
  • 15-minute Jet Lag Shot
  • 30-minute Jet Lag Shot
  • Bonus 'Brainwave Only' versions
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  • 1-year money-back guarantee

Rebalance your body clock naturally and effortlessly.

How would you like to eliminate jet lag, just by listening to an audio MP3?

Want to be able to adjust to new time zones with ease?

It’s all possible, when you listen to our Jet Lag session.

The science behind beating jet lag

Your brainwaves follow a special pattern when your internal body clock is working normally, where you feel awake and alert during daylight hours. This happens naturally when you stay in the same timezone.

When you travel across timezones, you can feel tired when you should remain awake. Sleeping perpetuates the problem.

During those times, you need to indulge in brief periods of mental refreshment, so you can enjoy the benefits of reinvigorating sleep, without worsening your jet lag.

The Jet Lag session uses special ‘brainwave sounds’ to provide you with a relaxing ‘pick me up’ inside an audio recording. As you listen, these brainwave sounds will work to reset your circadian rhythms, helping to compensate for the stress and imbalance you experience when traveling between time zones.

This is all based on a proven area of science known as ‘brainwave entrainment’, which has been actively studied for over 100 years.

The result? After listening to this shot, your tiredness will disappear. You’ll feel alert and refreshed, as your body's biorhythms reboot themselves naturally from the inside out.

(You can combine this session with our Sleep Shot to help further beat your jet lag, as required.)

Listen once, stay mentally refreshed for hours

Our Jet Lag session will help you restore your body clock in just minutes.

Just hit play to:

  • Beat your feelings of jet lag!
  • Feel less tired throughout the day
  • Get back into your daily routine, quickly

The Jet Lag session audio lasts just 15 minutes. As soon as you've listened, you'll feel more refreshed, less tired, and enjoy the benefits of a little relaxing downtime, without it affecting your future sleep patterns.

The results will last anywhere from 4 hours through to the rest of the day.

Your album also includes an extended 30-minute version of the Jet Lag session, which will further enhance the results you get. You’ll also receive 15- and 30-minute brainwave-only audios, so you can listen without our ambient background sounds, or mix with your own music.

100% safe and guaranteed for a year!

The Jet Lag session is completely safe* to use. It simply activates your brain's natural frequencies, on demand.

It’s also backed by a full 1-year money-back guarantee, too. We know you’ll be thrilled with the results you get, but if you’re ever unhappy, just let us know and we’ll refund every cent.

Technical information

Full 30-minute protocol: The session focuses on 10 Hz alpha with a middle section at Schumann 7.83 Hz. The regular audio mix also contains wave sounds combined with a relaxed background ambience. The 15-minute versions contain a compressed version of this protocol.

Get ready to eradicate jet lag for good!

Ready to get started?

Discover the Jet Lag today and make traveling more enjoyable and convenient.

As a health and fitness professional, I know that mindset is everything. With Brainwave Shots, I can help my clients 'edit' their mental state. We use these to boost motivation, promote healing, and release muscle tension. Love them!

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