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  • Headphones NOT Required
  • Listen w/ Eyes Closed/Open
  • Can Play on Repeat
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  • 15-minute Schumann Shot
  • 30-minute Schumann Shot
  • Bonus 'Brainwave Only' versions
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  • 1-year money-back guarantee

Experience the renowned Schumann resonance 7.83Hz Frequency.

How would you like to enjoy listening to the Schumann resonance 7.83Hz frequency?

Experience it for yourself, with the Schumann Shot audio.

The science behind the Schumann resonance

The Schumann resonance is the name given to the resonant frequency of the earth’s atmosphere.

It was discovered by German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, and stands at a steady 7.83Hz. This frequency is widely reputed to induce grounding and centering states.

The Schumann Shot uses special ‘brainwave sounds’ to replicate this frequency inside an audio recording. As you listen, your brainwaves will be entrained toward 7.83Hz.

This is done using ‘brainwave entrainment’, a proven area of science which has been actively studied for over 100 years.

The result? After listening to this frequency, individuals often report feeling more grounded and at one with earth. They also report renewed energy and being, as well as a sense of overall harmony with the planet.

Listen once, stay grounded for hours

Our Schumann Shot will help you entrain to the 7.83Hz frequency.

Users typically listen to:

  • Get re-balanced and re-connected
  • Boost your immune system from the inside out
  • Feel refreshed and reinvigorated

The Schumann Shot audio lasts just 15 minutes. As soon as you listen, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of experiencing the Schumann resonance – including feeling more grounded and connected to earth.

The results will last anywhere from 4 hours through to the rest of the day.

Your album also includes an extended 30-minute version of the Schumann Shot, which will further enhance the results you get. You’ll also receive 15- and 30-minute brainwave-only audios, so you can listen without our ambient background sounds, or mix with your own music.

100% safe and guaranteed for a year!

The Schumann Shot is completely safe* to use. It simply activates your brain's natural frequencies, on demand.

It’s also backed by a full 1-year money-back guarantee, too. We know you’ll be thrilled with the results you get, but if you’re ever unhappy, just let us know and we’ll refund every cent.

Technical information

Full 30-minute protocol: The session revolves around the 7.83 Hz Schumann resonance, with a brief step at 10 Hz at the beginning of the track. The regular audio mix also contains a light forest ambience in the background. The 15-minute versions contain a compressed version of this protocol.

Get ready to enjoy the Schumann resonance brainwave state!

Ready to get started?

Discover the Schumann Shot today and prepare to experience it for yourself.

Begin the technological revolution! You can now use your headphones to change how you feel, anytime, anywhere. This is a control panel for your brain. If you're truly serious about taking your life to the next level, don't hesitate. Get them all.

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